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Anne Green has been involved in swimming for over 50 years. This has been in various roles including swimmer, teacher, coach and administrator. She was elected as the Chairperson for the IPC Swimming (International Paralympic Committee) 1992-2006.

Anne was awarded the John K. Williams Jr International Adapted Aquatics Award in 2002 by the International Swimming Hall Of Fame for her service to people with disabilities.

“The sport of disability swimming has undergone enormous change in a very short period of time. The drive behind many aspects that benefit today’s swimmers is Anne Green. World Championships, swimming rules, classification system modifications, education delivery and access to information on the internet were all initiatives driven by Anne in her role as the IPC Swimming Chair from 1992-2006. Voluntary work often goes unheralded and unnoticed but Anne certainly will long be remembered for her service by many individuals and swimming nations worldwide”


Tim Reddish Chairman British Paralympic Association



Anne Green with her

dog D’for